by 1862

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released May 13, 2016

Shout out to Wescott Pro-audio for recording and mastering this EP for us.
Shout out to What's Left Records and Bryan Ostrow for distribution.
Shout out to Colorado Springs music and The Flux Capacitor for being so supportive of local music, local hardcore, and1862.
Shout out to our homie Justyn Mitchell for the illustration.

and Thank You to all our friends and family for your continued support.



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1862 Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Track Name: Lifeblood
I'm caught in this endless cycle of misfortune
Where the wrong I've done and the web I've spun
Keep me trapped to rot and decay

No peace
No ease
I'm forced to stay as the darkness and the chaos leave me to turn into a pile of dust

I let the nothingness swallow me whole
In hopes one day I can let go
Of my cold forsaken soul
Track Name: Left to Bleed
1 8 6 2
Cast aside and cast out I'm living my life in exile
Left to bleed out
Left to seek hope
I'm trying my best to fucking cope

When will I learn
The more I try
I'll just be the one who's left to die
Built up this bed of roses in my head
This sick idea that must be fed

I'm losing my mind
I'm losing sleep
Over the things that I push down deep
A twisted mentality
No longer will I crucify myself
Track Name: Withering
I was living on borrowed time
Inevitable that this would take over my mind
Can't take back the things that I've said
Can't take back the shit that I've done
I try my best to move ahead

I do what I can
To make my escape
To exit this mindset that holds me back
I will erase what's left

My fingers bleed as I scratch my way out
Of this broken shell of a man
The foundation of my mind begins to crumble
The stepping stones are slipping from beneath my feet

I found my way back to the broken and withering place
That I call home
Track Name: No Remorse
You pushed me to the edge
I'm at my breaking point
This where I decide that you have no right
To come into my life
And destroy it from the inside out

I'm letting go of my self doubt
This feelings inside my veins
Is something I can't explain
My blood is boiling
My fist are clenched
Your end is coming inch by inch

I fucking have you figured out
No second chances
No compassion
What's done is done
Nowhere to run
Track Name: Deadlock
I'm sinking
I'm going under
The weight of my fear is crushing me
This world torments me
With it's undying misery
I crave for silence
I lust for peace

Six feet deep my suffering I will finally cease
I'll never be saved
I'll pull the trigger, the choice will be made
Face the truth
Drop from my stand
I'm not afraid to face my end

Six feet deep

Nothing to fight this my right
Nowhere to hide this is my life

I will take control